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About Lagree

Welcome to the future of fitness. Lagree: A high-intensity, low-impact full-body workout that builds strength, endurance and flexibility. The key to this workout is the patented Megaformer created by celebrity fitness trainer, Sebastien Lagree. This patented Megaformer maximizes the effects of working muscles to failure in just 45 minutes–leaving you shaking, sweating and counting down the minutes until you can come back for more. By activating your slow-twitch muscles, you will burn additional calories—for hours post workout and see results in weeks—not the months it takes you to see results at other fitness centers. Lagree also helps to keep you injury free and doing the things that you love by using muscle memory and proper alignment to enhance joint stability.

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Mega Fit

Mega Fast

It takes a Megaformer to get mega fit, mega fast. This patented workout device keeps your muscles in constant tension which translates to real results, real quick. The Lagree megaformer workout emphasizes five things: resistance, range-of-motion, tempo, time and form to create a high-intensity, low-impact, full-body strength and cardio endurance workout designed to avoid injury and keep you doing the things you love. Live stronger, better and longer with Lagree.

What is Lagree?

Lagree is a scientifically-driven, research-based approach to full-body conditioning that stimulates core strength, cardiovascular endurance, muscle tone, balance and flexibility. This patented workout uses variable resistance and dynamic tension to strengthen, tighten and tone like no other workout. Best of all, Lagree is low-impact so you can avoid injury and down time leaving more time for all the things you love.

Who benefits

from Lagree?

Lagree is perfect for people who:

  1. love being fit, but don’t have hours to spend at the gym
  2. hate exercise, but love playing, competing and winning
  3. want an intense workout, but don’t have time for injuries
  4. feel unchallenged by their current fitness regimen, but still want to level up
  5. want fast, noticeable results, but aren’t into banned substances
  6. are ready for something new and different… no buts about it.

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